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Preventing Underage Vaping: Strategies for Smoke Shop Owners

October 13 2023 – Denis G

Preventing Underage Vaping: Strategies for Smoke Shop Owners
Preventing Underage Vaping: Strategies for Smoke Shop Owners
Vaping has become increasingly popular among adults, but it's essential to address the issue of underage vaping. This blog discusses the reasons teenagers are drawn to vaping and provides strategies for smoke shop owners to prevent underage sales.

Teenage Attraction to Vaping:

Flavor Variety: Teenagers are lured by a wide range of appealing e-cigarette flavors, making it easier for them to start and continue vaping.

Peer Pressure: Adolescents often succumb to peer pressure, pushing them to experiment with vaping.

Curiosity: The sleek design and technological appeal of vaping products spark curiosity among teenagers.

Stress Relief: Some teenagers turn to vaping as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety.

Preventing Underage Sales:

Strict Age Verification: Implement a strict age verification process in your shop, requiring valid identification for every sale.

Employee Training: Train your staff to understand the importance of preventing underage sales and the legal consequences involved.

Prominent Signage: Display clear signs prohibiting sales to underage individuals.

Surveillance Cameras: Install cameras, particularly near vaping product displays.

Compliance Checks: Conduct regular audits and spot checks to ensure age verification protocols are consistently applied.

Restrict Product Visibility: Place vaping products in less prominent locations to reduce visibility to underage customers.

Refuse Suspicious Sales: Instruct your staff to refuse sales if there is any doubt about a customer's age.

Engage with Authorities: Collaborate with local law enforcement and tobacco control agencies.

Community Education: Organize events to educate parents and teenagers about the risks of vaping.

Online Sales Safeguards: Enforce comprehensive age verification procedures for online sales.

Support Tobacco 21 Laws: Advocate for raising the minimum age for vaping product purchases to 21.

Policy Updates: Regularly review and update your store's policies to stay compliant with changing regulations.


Preventing underage vaping requires a multifaceted approach. By implementing these strategies, smoke shop owners and vape pen wholesalers can contribute to protecting the younger generation and ensure compliance with the law. This collective effort involves parents, educators, healthcare professionals, and retailers working together to address this growing concern.