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Instructions for Filling Ceramic Cartridges

December 06 2023 – Denis G

Instructions for Filling Ceramic Cartridges
Instructions for Filling Ceramic Cartridges

- Begin by filling a small test batch of about 200 units to test functionality before proceeding with larger batches.

- Fill the oil into the glass tank, ensuring it's between the center post and the glass.

- Aim to fill the oil at a temperature below 120°F. If the oil temperature exceeds this, consider turning the cartridge upside down after filling until the oil reaches room temperature.

- It's essential to note minor temperature variations required for different products, such as distillates and live resins. For instance, live resin typically operates at lower temperatures, making it a bit more challenging to handle through the filling process compared to distillates. These differences can affect viscosity and ease of filling.

- Cap the device within 1 minute of filling to prevent leakage.

- Avoid overfilling the cartridge, as this might push oil into the air path, potentially causing clogs or damaging the cartridge.

- When installing the mouthpiece, avoid pressing or twisting too hard.

- Use short needles when filling, ensuring they don't touch the bottom of the oil tank to prevent damage to the ceramics or excessive heating.

Understanding the nuances between different oil products, especially in terms of temperature variations, can greatly impact the filling process. These differences in viscosity and handling could influence the ease of filling and should be considered when working with various oil types.