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Top 5 Vape Pen Manufacturers in China for Cannabis and CBD

April 18 2024 – Denis G

Top 5 Vape Pen Manufacturers in China for Cannabis and CBD
Top 5 Vape Pen Manufacturers in China for Cannabis and CBD

Who Really Vape Pen Manufactures for Cannabis Disposable Pen and Carts?
In the burgeoning cannabis vaping industry, many companies present themselves as genuine manufacturers of vaping hardware. However, not all claims hold true. While numerous firms brand themselves as ‘Cannabis Vape Solution Companies,’ many are merely distributors of OEM products sourced from other manufacturers.

Why It Matters
Understanding who truly manufactures the hardware is crucial. Often, purchasers or outsourcing agents from cannabis vaporizer vendors end up paying additional costs to middlemen, which could be avoided by dealing directly with the manufacturers. This not only enhances profitability by eliminating unnecessary fees but also is vital for ensuring product safety—a top priority in the cannabis vaping sector. Identifying genuine manufacturers is therefore essential for both cost efficiency and consumer safety.

A Closer Look at the Top Manufacturers
Budtank offers an in-depth analysis of the top five cannabis vaporizer manufacturing companies, shedding light on their operations and credentials to assist in making informed purchasing decisions.

The Top 5 Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturers:
 - Buddy Group: Actual Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer
- CCELL-The Actual Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer
- AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices) – Actual Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer
- BBTANK: Actual Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer
- Greentank Technologies (Greentank): A Third-Party Company

By distinguishing between the actual manufacturers and third-party companies, businesses and consumers can navigate the market more effectively, ensuring they engage with the right entities that offer transparency, reliability, and quality in their products.

Buddy Group - Actual Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer

Buddy Group (Exclusive Cannabis Brand: Budtanks) is a leading manufacturer of vape pens for cannabis. They hold the distinction of developing the world's first cannabis cartridge and disposable vape pen. The company holds numerous patents related to vaping technology, underscoring its pioneering status in the industry.

- Year of Establishment: 2007
- Location: Shenzhen, China
- Size of Facility: 200,000 Square Meters
- Employees: 1500+
- R&D: 200+ and around 10% of revenue reinvested in research.
Certifications: ISO9001; ISO13485; cGMP; GMP; CNAS; etc.

Buddy Group Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis:


  • Technical Expertise: Buddy Group boasts significant expertise in ceramic coil production and innovative cannabis vaporizer technologies.
  • Industry Experience: The company has years of experience in cannabis vaping technology, backed by various technological patents.
  • Capacity and Quality: High production capacity coupled with a scientific quality management system ensures reliable product output.
  • Local Support and Pricing: Strong local sales presence and customer service support in the US, coupled with competitive pricing, position Buddy Group favorably in the market.


  • Distribution Network: The company's distributorship network in the USA is not as extensive as it could be.
  • Brand Recognition: While Buddy is a reputable name among manufacturers, it is less well-known compared to industry leader CCELL and has a lower production capacity by comparison.

Product Development Strengths and Weaknesses:


  • Diverse Product Range: Offers a wide variety of product options across all categories of cannabis vaporizers.
  • Market Access and Exclusivity: Enables clients to achieve product exclusivity, which can significantly boost their competitive edge. Notable products include the Bcore line and full ceramic cartridges.
  • Adaptability: Capable of providing comprehensive solutions for all types of cannabis oil, including synthetic varieties.
  • Efficiency and Selection: Short production lead times and a broad selection of products enhance client satisfaction and market responsiveness.


  • Pace of Development: An overly aggressive pace of product development can sometimes outstrip current market demand, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Market Fit: Some products developed by Buddy may not yet suit current market needs but are designed to be future-proof as market understanding of new technologies improves. This strategy, while forward-thinking, can dilute the company's focus across too broad a product development spectrum.

This detailed analysis highlights Buddy Group’s formidable presence in the cannabis vaporizer manufacturing sector, underpinned by strong technological capabilities and strategic weaknesses that offer pathways for future growth and improvement.

CCELL – The Actual Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer

CELL, a division of Smoore Holdings, is a leading innovator in ceramic heating technology within the cannabis industry. The company revolutionized vaping technology by replacing traditional cotton coils with advanced ceramic heating coils, which significantly enhance vaporization of high-viscosity cannabis oils. Embracing a vision to become the "Intel of the cannabis industry," CCELL equates their influence in vaping to Intel's in computing, even adopting the tagline "CCELL Inside" for their product packaging. CCELL collaborates exclusively with four authorized U.S. distributors—Jupiter Research, 3 Win Corp, Kush Co Supply, and Canna Brand Solutions—expanding its reach across North America and setting new standards in cannabis vaping.
CCELL Manufacturing Overview
CCELL by Smoore Holdings is distinguished by its advanced technology, highly skilled workforce, and top-tier management at its production facilities.

Established: 2016
Location: Shenzhen, China
Facility Size: 100,000 square meters (owned by Smoore)
Employees: 10,000
R&D Investment: Around 6% of revenue
Certifications: ISO9001, ISO13485, cGMP, GMP, etc.
Strengths and Weaknesses of CCELL

Innovative Technology: Pioneers in ceramic heating technology, replacing traditional cotton coils and enhancing cannabis vaping.
Research and Development: Backed by Smoore Holdings, consistently investing approximately 6% of revenue into R&D.
Production Capacity: Extensive manufacturing experience with substantial capabilities and a rigorous quality management system.

Product Development: CCELL has predominantly focused on its classic TH2 and M6T models for the past five years, showing limited progression in new product introductions.
Exclusivity and Innovation: The company does not engage in exclusivity deals, leading to product homogenization. Furthermore, CCELL was slow to enter the disposable vape market, trailing behind trends by about six months.
Development Challenges for CCELL
CCELL currently faces a critical dilemma in product development. The brand, while dominating the 510-thread cartridge market, lacks significant competitive edges in the disposable all-in-one and pod system sectors. Their best-selling pod, the Dart series, exemplifies CCELL’s conservative approach, focusing on a one-size-fits-all solution rather than diversifying its product offerings. This strategy contrasts sharply with brands like STIIIZY or Plug & Play, which showcase a variety of products to represent their brands effectively. This reluctance to innovate and diversify has become a notable weakness, as competitors can easily replicate CCELL’s existing products, diminishing its market lead.

AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices) – Overview of a Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer

AVD (Advanced Vapor Devices), based in Seattle, Washington, aspires to be the AMD of the cannabis vaping industry, aligning itself with the renowned microchip leader's innovative legacy. Despite these aspirations, AVD has encountered significant setbacks, including a notable incident where their products were confiscated by Chinese customs for imitating CCELL products, leading to potential fines and bans in China. This has sparked a legal dispute over the fairness of these actions.

AVD Manufacturing Insights:

Originally collaborating with Chinese e-cigarette manufacturer VAPORLAX, AVD faced a scandal that prompted a switch in manufacturers, now partnering with Naixing Technology. Despite these changes, AVD has struggled with compliance issues, not meeting laboratory standards for safety and reliability, earning a reputation as a copycat in the market.

Strengths and Weaknesses of AVD:


  • AVD offers robust local door-to-door service.
  • The company is pioneering the development of degradable materials.
  • Deeply knowledgeable in cannabis extraction, AVD originally started as a processing company in this field.


  • Minimal investment in R&D, often imitating leading technologies rather than innovating.
  • An unstable supply chain has affected manufacturing consistency.
  • The absence of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification undermines its credibility.

Product Development Analysis:


  • AVD offers products at lower prices compared to genuine CCELL items.
  • Innovative in the development of environmentally friendly, degradable materials.
  • Able to create diverse products through structural modifications.


  • The company lacks a distinct identity, often seen merely as an alternative to CCELL.
  • Dependent on external technology for key components like ceramic coils, sourced from ECAP Technology.
  • Insufficient investment in quality assurance, leading to frequent issues with product integrity upon delivery.

AVD's journey in the cannabis vaporizer market illustrates both the potential for innovation and the pitfalls of not investing adequately in proprietary technology and quality standards. As they navigate these challenges, their ability to adapt and authentically innovate will be crucial for their growth and reputation in the industry.

BBTANK: Profile of a Cannabis Vaporizer Manufacturer

BBTANK, a recognized name in the cannabis vaporizer manufacturing sector in China, specializes in providing OEM and ODM services to cannabis businesses. Although BBTANK acknowledges on its official website that it hasn't reached the production scale of the largest players in the market, it boasts substantial expertise in supply chain management, originally starting as a trading company on Alibaba.

BBTANK Manufacturing Overview:

  • Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Facility Size: 6,000 square meters
  • Employee Count: 300
  • R&D Team: 20+ professionals
  • Production Lines: 22

Company Strengths and Weaknesses:


  • Rapid Product Development: BBTANK can quickly develop products as it skips certain conventional testing processes.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers more competitive pricing than rivals like CCELL.
  • Innovative Product Range: Actively engages in developing trends from full glass to full ceramic cartridges in the cannabis vape market.


  • Dependency on External Production: Lacks its own production capabilities for ceramic heating coils, relying instead on third-party manufacturers, which poses risks during global material shortages.
  • Marketing Missteps: Has faced issues with false advertising, occasionally releasing misleading promotional materials.
  • Production Standards: The manufacturing environment does not adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), with evidence showing improper handling standards during production.

Product Development Analysis:


  • Diverse Offerings: Provides a variety of products, including full ceramic and full glass 510 thread cartridges.
  • Packaging Solutions: Offers comprehensive packaging solutions as part of their product lineup.


  • Branding Confusion: There is often a mix-up between its imitation of CCELL products and its original offerings, leading to brand image conflicts.
  • Failure to Meet Market Trends: Struggles to keep pace with evolving market standards.
  • Focus on Accessories: Similar to many e-commerce businesses, BBTANK prioritizes accessories over investing in the core cannabis vaporizers market.

BBTANK's journey in the cannabis vaporizer industry highlights its capability to adapt and innovate, though it also faces significant challenges in production independence and market positioning. As the company continues to grow, refining its production practices and clarifying its brand identity will be crucial for its success and reliability in the competitive vaping market.

Greentank Technologies Overview: A Third-Party Distribution Powerhouse

Greentank Technologies has carved out a significant niche in the Canadian cannabis vaporizer market by securing an exclusive distribution agreement with DeepUnion. Greentank’s business model focuses on taking pre-orders from local vendors and then collaborating with DeepUnion for the OEM process. Distinguished from competitors like AVD, Greentank excels in Color, Materials, and Finish (CMF) design, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of traditional CCELL products. Their innovative approach allows for a wide range of product appearances and extensive customization options for cannabis vendors.

Manufacturing and Operational Details:

  • OEM Partnership: Greentank's products are manufactured by DeepUnion, ensuring consistent and reliable product quality.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Greentank:


  • Innovative Design: Strong in CMF design, appealing particularly to younger demographics.
  • Accessibility: With operations based in Canada, Greentank ensures greater product accessibility and prompt service.
  • Customization Capability: Offers extensive customization options that help vendors differentiate their products in the market.


  • Limited R&D: Lacks robust research and development capabilities.
  • Legal Risks: Faces potential legal challenges for replicating CCELL designs, which could disrupt operations.
  • Dependence on DeepUnion: Heavy reliance on a single OEM partner may lead to supply chain vulnerabilities.

Flagship Product: Greentank M7

  • Product Details:
    • Tank Volume: Available in 0.3mL and 0.5mL
    • Connection: Standard 510 thread
    • Mouthpiece: Ceramic material

Product Strengths:

  • Portability: Its discreet design makes it easy to carry in a pocket.
  • Advanced Heating Coil: Uses an improved version of CCELL’s ceramic heating technology.

Product Weaknesses:

  • Material Safety: The anodized aluminum housing, lacking a dedicated mouthpiece, raises concerns about potential heavy metal contamination.
  • Durability Issues: The slim battery design is prone to bending when carried in pockets, compromising long-term durability.


By distinguishing between the actual manufacturers and third-party companies, businesses and consumers can navigate the market more effectively, ensuring they engage with the right entities that offer transparency, reliability, and quality in their products.